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CentOS / Red Hat Command To Find Dell Service Tag

CentOS / Red Hat / Windows Command To Find Dell Service Tag

The Dell service tag can be found and displayed using only a command line. The command line of a Linux system like Red Hat or Cent OS is a shell and without adding Dell, HP, or IBM tools to the server or desktop Linux system, the Dell service tag can be displayed. On "whitebox" systems or "generic" systems the serial number could be displayed. With Del land HP for example, displaying the service tag or the serial number allows easy look-ups and referencing of the system to location drivers, software, and warranty information. 

Using local Command to Display System Serial Numbers and Dell Service Tag

On a Windows based system, XP or higher, open a command window /command prompt window. The ability to display the service tag of a Dell computer desktop or server is built right into the operating system. Once you have opened a command window, issue the following command:  

C:\> wmic bios get serialnumber

The serial number of the system or the Dell service tag on the next line. The output of the command is simple too and the results are displayed on the next line in the command line window.  

Using just command line to get the serial number "white-box" computer 

"White-box" computer systems are still very popular and offer a good alternative to the more pricey OEM server and desktop systems. They are good for the very IT savvy and do it your-self people in the IT industry that know how to build and maintain these types of  systems. They offer a competitive advantage in pricing and at times quality to the well known brand of servers and desktops. 

These systems however might not return the desired or expected results. If the manufacture has not entered a unique serial numner of tag of their own into the BIOS field, the following will be displayed after issuing the command to display the serial number of the system,  "To Be Filled by O.E.M." .  

Retrieving Dell service Tags or Serial number on Linux based computer systems with only a command line

The service tag or serial number can be displayed on a Linux based system by using a simple command from a shell. Similar to Windows, the command can be native or may need a Linux component installed .Again, no tools from the manufacturer will be needed. I have tested this on Cent OS and Red Hat Linux. The command to get and display the Dell service tag or serial number of the system could and may work on other Linux distributions.

Command on Linux to get Dell Service Tag

      # dmidecode | grep -i serial      
      # dmidecode -t 1

 DMIDECODE installation may be required first by executing the following: 
# yum -y install dmidecode


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