Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SupperAntiSpyware - Desktop support at work.

SUPERAntiSpyware - AntiAdware, AntiSpyware,AntiMalware

My Review And Opinion:
Highly recommend it for removing malware and viruses from desktop systems.

The name of this product and their icons for the box image and the application once installed look and feel like the badware programs they are trying to remove from desktops. When I first encoutnered this products, I was in desperate need of a tool that would remove some programs (trojans, browser hi-jackers, root-kits like QoolAid) from a desktop that was so badly poluted that the normal programs that I used as part of a set of tools for removing such said programs were not doing the job.

After searching our to find other solutions, I came a cross a forum that recomended this program to remove really engrained and harmfull stuff. Thjose of you who have chased viruses and bad ware in the past have come to realize that one tool is not enough, and the baguys are always improving their means and effecientcy at which they can inject their garbagee onto another computer.

I was a big fan of AdAware SE before I met this little program called SUPERAntiSpyware. Ad- Aware just didn't remove everything and after each and every reboot, the pop-ups wopuld occur again. If the reboot didn't re-infect it again, the starting of IE would (I had no choice but to use IE on this and other desktops in this clients office - NO FireFox option).

There are hundreds of thousands of viruses and Trojans just waiting to infect an unsuspecting visitor to a website. Many times these are just people who are looking to find music or other harmful things online. A simple search for kids cloths could land an unsuspecting visitors to a web site that within an instant, has infected their computer desktop and in no time at all, the computer becomes unusable. I've seen it over and over again.

When I first tried this program I actually thought from the name and look, it was going to be malware itself and I'd be looking to remove it too. After trying several programs (suggested by the wizards on various computer support forums), I found that there are indeed too many bogus programs that say they're going to clean up your computer and then turn out to actually infect it further.

This program works great and it works fast. Their are options to the type of scan to perform but even an average user can install and have it running in minutes. Their free version doesn't due real-time scanning but for a quick clean and fix, it works great. I do recommend purchasing the real time scanner to provide constant protection. I carry it on my USB drive so I'm ready to use this little gem of a program to clean computer when needed.

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MrTechSupport said...

I use superantispyware all the time to clean up desktops and sometimes servers. Average desktop users don't know what they're clicking on most of the time and they think that it doesn't matter when they click on any link on a page or say ok to some pop-up on their screen that offers them a free scan. They just keep clicking and infecting their computers with all types of stuff.


Jack "The Hack" Dugan said...

I was getting worried that superantispyware wasn;t gong to be able to get rid of some problem bad software like Anti-virus XP and other of that sort. Then they updated their engine and technology to get rid of those too. I had some desktop that had antivirus XP on them and although superantispyware found and removed the problem, on next boot up of the desktop, it was back.